Mum's heartfelt thanks to paramedics who saved her life

A brave mum, who suffered a massive heart attack just five days after giving birth, has met the paramedics who saved her life.

Friday, 1st September 2017, 10:48 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 1:25 pm
Mel Moon meets Sam Mawdsley (right) and Karen Batley, the paramedics who saved her life when she suffered a massive heart attack.

And the reunion took place after Mel Moon (37) wrote a touching poem about her experience in a bid to find the duo who she describes as her “heroes.”

The verse, Angels in Green, was shared across social media and eventually seen by paramedic Sam Mawdsley, who came to Mel’s aid on that dramatic night in November last year with her colleague Emergency Medical Technician Karen Batley.

Mel, who lives in the Pike Hill area of Burnley, said: “How can I put into words that these two girls are everything to me?

Mel after the birth of her baby, Sonny, with her partner Kris Scholes and their two older sons Reece and Riley.

“They were strangers but they have a place in my heart that few ever could. Hero is a word used too often but these two incredible women will always be mine. I owe them my life.”

Mel was recovering at her mum’s home after giving birth to her third child, Sonny, who was born eight weeks early,

She started suffering chest pains that doctors believed had been caused by anxiety but when they became unbearable Mel’s mum rang 999.

When Karen and Sam arrived in the ambulance they carried out tests and discovered Mel was having a heart attack so serious she needed to be rushed immediately to Blackpool Victoria Hospital which specialises in cardiology.

Mel after the birth of her baby, Sonny, with her partner Kris Scholes and their two older sons Reece and Riley.

Mel said: “I remember how calm and reassuring they were to me and when I asked if I was going to die Sam said “not now we are here.”

“They made me feel calm and safe, they were fantastic.”

Doctors at Blackpool told Mel it was the swift actions of Sam and Karen that had saved her life.

Mel, a successful comedienne, actress and writer who lives with her fiance, Kris Scholes and their two other sons Reece (11) and six-year-old Riley, presented her heroes with a solid silver limited edition anatomical heart necklace.

It was designed exclusively for Mel by Lucy Mulligan for online jewellery firm LBA and company owner Liz Cauldwell is donating all proceeds of the sales to heart charities.

Here is Mel's verse she posted to find her paramedic heroes.

Angels in Green

It came right out of nowhere, this pain inside my chest.

A ripping, burning feeling that simply wouldn't rest!

My breathing became faster, my skin was cold and wet, the pain took on the title of the worst I've felt as yet!

I started to pace the room, rubbing my chest all over, I got so desperate soon, I even tried some yoga!!

I opened the door to cold air and took a few deep breaths, I didn't know that with each moment, I was inching closer to death.

I walked into the kitchen, threw up right in the bin, I couldn't believe that 'heartburn' was the cause of the state I was in.

My arms began to hurt, the pain went into my hands. I couldn't talk to anyone now, instead I finally lay down.

The blue lights were at my window, in these two girls came.

The wires seemed to be everywhere, they kept saying my name: 'Mel, take this pill, drink this drink, have you had morphine before?

"Take this gas and air and breath, It will help you as we get out the door.

"We'll be going to Blackpool, They are the absolute best. Please try not panic, we really need you to rest.

"Do you understand why It's best to do that? You've just had a massive heart attack!"

I was 37 and a brand new mum, my baby just one week old.

Would I ever see him or two other sons again? Would I get the chance to grow old?

I had only one question and as I asked I didn't cry; I looked into her eyes and said: 'Am I going to die?'

She looked back at me and I lost all my fear.

Her reply was perfect. It was: 'Not now I'm here."

The siren came on and the blue lights flashed, I laid in silence as each moment passed.

I arrived at Blackpool and doctors took over on scene, but I'll never forget my angel in green.

I don't know her name but she saved my life and there's no way I can ever repay this blurry figure, who kept my heart beating,

From Burnley to Blackpool that day.