Mum and daughter banned from Burnley ‘living nightmare’ street

Kim Ohoro
Kim Ohoro
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A MOTHER and her daughter have been banned from a Burnley house which police branded a “living nightmare”.

Kim Ohoro (39) and Katie Scott (17) were slapped with an interim Anti-Social Behaviour Order preventing them returning to the area around the Florence Street address which has now been shut down by police.

Katie Scott

Katie Scott

Reedley magistrates were told the horror house had attracted serious and persistent disorder including wild parties, drinking, swearing and fighting.

Crown Prosecution Service solicitor Jonathon Jackson listed a woeful catalogue of alleged crime and disorder which had escalated in recent months.

Mr Jackson said police were called to a report of a group of men armed with an axe in November and later that month a man staying at the address was stabbed nearby.

He told the court about an incident where a young man staying at the house was allegedly kidnapped in the street and bundled into a car.

There were reports of intimidating and threatening behaviour towards residents, a significant increase in crime in the area, serious alcohol-related disorder and drunkenness and visitors coming and going from the address at all hours of the day and night.

Police were even obstructed when trying to seize a pit bull dog under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

The house was shut down under a three-month closure order passed by the court.

The pair were also banned from entering a named area around Accrington Road and banned from acting in an anti-social manner.

However, the defence solicitor Mr Daniel Frazer said they were just allegations and vowed to contest the ASBO during the full hearing on February 22nd.

He said there were some discrepancies in the evidence and questioned whether the order was necessary and proportionate.

Speaking after the hearing, Community Beat Manager PC Michelle Horne said police had received more than 40 calls about the problem property which she called a “magnet for trouble”.

She said: “It has been terrible for residents. These are people that have lived there for 60 years and said it was a nice quiet street.

“But now it is horrific for them. They are scared of going out on the street and are scared of bumping into people. It is a living nightmare for them. The Neighbourhood Policing Team has worked tirelessly compiling statements and gathering evidence against the property, taking a stand for those whose lives have been blighted by inconsiderate and disruptive anti-social behaviour.

“We have put a number of interventions in place to help residents at the address but these have unfortunately proved unsuccessful. Applying for these orders has been a last resort and I hope it will bring an end to this relentless nuisance and disorder which has been making residents’ lives a misery for far too long.”

Community Safety Officer PC Adam Gordon added: “I am satisfied with the result and hope it sends out a clear message that the community will not tolerate this type of behaviour and police will use all available legislation to take firm action against those involved in serious and persistent anti social behaviour.

“I am extremely grateful to the local authority and local community for helping secure this positive outcome.”