Multi-faith prayers said in Burnley for World Peace Day

Christians and Muslims united in a time of prayer in Burnley to mark World Peace Day.

Thursday, 18th October 2018, 11:05 am
Updated Friday, 19th October 2018, 4:02 am
Participants gathered in Burnley's Peace Garden

Members of Burnley Borough Council gathered at the Peace Garden in the town centre with leaders of communities around Burnley.

The initiative was taken after Mick Cartledge, chief executive of Burnley Council, addressed the Building Bridges in Burnley group on how the faith communities play a vital role in the town.

The Rev. Liz Jewitt, Minister of the United Reformed Church, commented on how important it is for faith leaders and their congregations to share in the things they have in common, prayer being one of them.

She said: "By doing so, we can learn to accept each other with trust and compassion, rather than fear and hatred. It is such an immense privilege to know that we can all contribute to the peace of this world through prayer. No matter what religion we profess, we can pray together for peace and begin to flourish in previously unthinkable ways."

Presenting the multi-faith prayer, the Trustee/Director of the Building Bridges in Burnley group, Mozaquir Ali, said: "We prayed for world peace, called for tolerance and living together in peace with one another as good neighbours, thus developing friendly relations among nations and promoting peace."

Prayers were said from The Holy Qur'an, Bible and Torah.

Coun. Beatrice Foster said: "It was very good to see people of all faiths, backgrounds and cultures join together in the Peace Garden to pray for Peace in the World. A very moving gathering."

On August 4th 1918 King George V called a National Day of Prayer. One hundred days later the war ended. When we remember 1918, we reflect on a time of great hope and great sadness for our country. We recall our part in the horrors of war and the darkness that drives humanity to violence. But we also remember the promise of peace.