MP urges council to use renovation money wisely

Gordon Birtwistle
Gordon Birtwistle

BURNLEY MP Gordon Birtwistle is adamant that £3.5 million of Government funding should be spent on a specific area of the town.

The money was awarded to Burnley Borough Council as part of an Empty Homes Clusters programme, so that traditional townhouses in Burnley could be renovated.

Now Mr Birtwistle and Coun. Charlie Briggs, are determined that it is spent primarily on Brennand Street - the area that they state it was intended for.

They believe that any extra money should be put towards Gannow Lane and Trinity.

Coun. Briggs, who helped to bring Communities Minister Andrew Stunell MP and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg MP to visit the street earlier this year, said: “I am delighted that Burnley Borough Council has been awarded this money for the Empty Homes Clusters programme.

“However, I believe it is vital that this funding is put into developing the traditional townhouses of Brennand Street first and foremost, with money left over going to the Gannow and Trinity areas of Burnley.”

And Gordon Birtwistle MP said: “This funding, coming as a result of hard work in getting two ministers, including the Deputy Prime Minister, to visit Brennand Street, is proof of the confidence the government has in the plans we laid out for the renovation of our town. It is my hope that the new administration will continue to follow the example we have set in putting Burnley on the front foot.”

At least 100 empty homes must be brought back into use through the Empty Homes Clusters programme, but Burnley’s programme will involve as many as 175 properties.

Decisions as to how the money will be spent will be discussed at an executive meeting on July 24th.