Motorist drove car at PC on urgent 999 call

A MAN caused terror outside a KFC takeaway by deliberately driving into a policeman.
The scene of the terrifying incident - KFC at InceThe scene of the terrifying incident - KFC at Ince
The scene of the terrifying incident - KFC at Ince

The officer was forced to hang onto the car’s windscreen wipers, to save himself during the sickening incident involving driver Christopher Ward.

Jailing him for five and a half years. Judge Alan Conrad QC, told Ward: “You used your car as a weapon.”

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Trevor Parry-Jones, prosecuting, told Liverpool Crown Court that on July 30 last year response team officer PC Lawrence Gerrard was sent to the Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet at Higher Ince following reports of a man refusing to leave after a disturbance between him and a woman,

When he arrived just after 9.30 pm the man had gone and the officer met up with two colleagues.

As they walked to the adjacent car park PC Gerrard saw a Ford Focus with Ward in the driving seat and a woman passenger.

“Police constable Gerrard pointed at the defendant and said, “Stay there, don’t move’ but Ward looking directly at him continued to reverse.

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“The officer was about three metres in front of the bonnet when the defendant accelerated harshly causing the wheels to spin,” said Mr Parry-Jones. “The car caught him on the right shin causing him to fall fully onto the bonnet.

“His hands landed by the windscreen wipers and he hung onto them.”

One of the victim’s colleagues saw what was happening and hit the windscreen with his baton damaging it but the car did not stop. “It carried on for about two metres before the officer let go and rolled off.”

He tried to grab a wing mirror to prevent the car continuing but it drove off. Fortunately apart from his shin he was uninjured and the vehicle’s details were circulated.

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Officers went to his home address and found him sitting on the settee and he said, ‘what’s all this? I’ve done nothing.’

He refused to be arrested and a struggle began during which an officer struck him defensively with his baton and he was detained.

He made no comment when interviewed.

Ward, 37, of Christopher Street, Ince, pleaded guilty to attempting to causing grievous bodily harm with intent, dangerous driving and breaching his bail.

He had been due to attend court on December 18 but did not attend.

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Martyn Walsh, defending, said that Ward has expressed remorse at his actions.

His brother had died two months before the incident which had a huge effect on him.

Judge Alan Conrad, QC, jailed him and banned him from driving for 27 months.

He told the defendant: “It is apparent you drove at him at fast speed and threw him on the bonnet.

“He held on but after a short distance rolled off.

“This could have had the most terrible consequences.”

He pointed out that Ward, who has previous convictions for motoring and robbery offences, had committed the offences where a number of people were present and the victim was a public servant.

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