Mother took her own life

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Depressed over death of son. A BARNOLDSWICK mother was so depressed as the anniversary of her son's death approached that she took her own life.

An inquest at Burnley Magistrates Court on Tuesday, heard that Mrs Susan Dwyer (56), had been found dead at her home on York Street on October 27th.

Toxicology tests revealed that she had swallowed a cocktail of anti-depressant drugs and painkillers.

Mrs Dwyer's daughter had been with police when they broke in and found the body, but was too upset to attend Tuesday's hearing, East Lancashire Coroner Richard Taylor was told.

Mr Taylor had the option of adjourning the inquest, but felt that as Mrs Dwyer's family did not wish to challenge any of the evidence provided, it was in order for him to proceed.

Dr Abdul Al-Dawoud, who had carried out the post-mortem examination on Mrs Dwyer, said she suffered from a depressive disorder, this problem compounded around the time of her death by back pain and stomach problems. "She had been very depressed of late due to the anniversary of her son's suicide approaching," he said.

Dr Al-Dawoud went on to say that Mrs Dwyer had tried to take her own life on previous occasions, but was found and taken to hospital.

Toxicology tests revealed she had taken four different drugs on this latest occasion including potentially-fatal doses of both Amitrypyline and Tramedol.

He could not stay how many tablets had been taken altogether, but agreed with the coroner's interpretation that it must have been a very high level.

Mrs Dwyer was said to have attempted to take her life before, each time leaving notes for relatives as she had on this occasion.

Mr Taylor said the contents of the letters left in October 2004 made it clear that she had planned her own death.

Offering sympathy to her family, he felt the evidence presented enabled him to record that Mrs Dwyer had taken her own life.