Mother-of-two flees kitchen blaze in Burnley

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A MOTHER-OF-TWO had to act fast when her oven went up in flames last night.

The Burnley woman had been cooking in the kitchen of the Spencer Street property and thought she had turned the oven off.

But she spotted smoke billowing from the appliance after oil from a grill pan had caught fire.

The quick-thinking woman quickly shut the door, evacuated her children from the house and dialled 999 at around 9-15pm last night.

A neighbour went back into the property and pulled all the burned pans out of the oven to douse the flames.

Fire crews arrived and made sure the blaze was extinguished and the appliance was safe.

A spokesman for Burnley Fire Station said: “She did all the right things. She got the two small children out immediately. She got out and shut the door. She had smoke alarms fitted.

“There was residual fat and oil in the grill pan. It has heated up and caught fire to the oven.”