More council services go online

Services are going online to help reduce costs
Services are going online to help reduce costs
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Burnley Borough Council is planning to put more of its services online in a bid to reduce costs.

The website already has icons which people can use to report issues, book key council services, and pay bills on lots of things from council tax to land search charges.

A report to the council’s Executive Committee tonight details a plan to develop, manage and maintain the council’s IT infrastructure. This also looks to extend the life of computers and hardware systems.

Coun. Tony Harrison, the Executive member for Community Services, said: “We know that more and more people are going online, and getting information from websites.

“Burnley is making sure that you can do more than that, and actually carry out transactions online. This strategy will mean that we put in place the systems we need to put more and more services online.

“We are also working with other organisations to make sure people get chances to learn about using the internet, and can go to libraries and other facilities to use computers, if they don’t have one at home.

“Of course, there will always be issues that people want to talk to council representatives about in person, and that will carry on.”