Moorland fires: Lancashire Bishops offer 'thoughts and prayers'

The Saddleworth Moor blaze looks set to continue for days to come.
The Saddleworth Moor blaze looks set to continue for days to come.
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The Bishop of Burnley has voiced his thoughts and prayers for those affected by the Greater Manchester moorland fires and the firefighters who continue valiantly to combat the blazes.

The Rt Rev. Philip North joined the Bishop of Blackburn, Rt Rev. Julian Henderson, and the Bishop of Lancaster, Rt Rev. Jill Duff, to issue a joint statement paying tribute to the emergency services and to praise volunteers who have cooperated with authorities to help in any way they can.

With the ferocity of the disaster such that the Army have had to be drafted in to help local firefighting crews with the efforts to tame the fires, the Bishops called it a 'time of trial' and said that they were praying for anyone affected at this difficult time.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who may have had to leave their homes and with all those who are facing disruption in any other way," the Bishops said. “We also join with parishes across our Diocese in praying for the brave members of the emergency services and the Army who are working tirelessly together to ensure the safety of those affected and to put the blazes out.

“We pay tribute to their steadfastness in this time of trial and are sure everyone in the areas nearest to the blazes will also be drawing strength from their presence," they added. “We have heard of numerous volunteers, including volunteers from local faith communities, doing what they can to help and would encourage them to continue, whilst cooperating with the advice and instruction from the fire service at all times."