Mini railway to reopen weeks after flooding

Flooding in Thompson park. Photo P. Stawicki (s)
Flooding in Thompson park. Photo P. Stawicki (s)
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The miniature railway in Thompson Park was set to re-open yesterday after heavy rain caused flooding and damage to paths.

The floods left deposits of silt in the Italian Garden, the lake and across the paths and lawns and a section of path was damaged by the upper bridge

Mr Simon Goff, Burnley Council’s head of green spaces and amenities, said staff were still clearing the material deposited in the boating lake.

The miniature railway track needs cleaning and the ballast to the track replacing as the silt encourages the timber sleepers to rot.

Mr Goff added: “The boat house was also badly flooded and Leisure in Burnley staff have undertaken a big clean-up.

“An application has been made to the Environment Agency for permission to remove the gravel and stone that has been deposited in the river as it will increase the likelihood of it flooding again.”

Trains will be running on part of the track. Photo: P. Stawicki.