Mike Landriau: Family’s tribute to ‘wonderful man’

Mike Landriau
Mike Landriau
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The family of a Nelson councillor who died suddenly last Tuesday have paid tribute to a wonderful, kind-hearted family man.

Mike Landriau (73) died at his home in Walton Lane and since then his wife Doreen and daughters Alex and Vicki have been overwhelmed with the support from family and friends, receiving at least 200 cards.

Mr Landriau spent the majority of his working life helping others through work, voluntary schemes or serving as a councillor.

Mrs Landriau said: “He was a wonderful man. He was kind, warm, and loved having the family around. He loved his children and being a grandfather to Thara (9) and Isaac (5). He would do anything to help anyone.

“He had a brilliant mind and could debate anything. He was philosophical and would never bear a grudge.

“A couple of church friends said to me ‘the first time we came to church Mike made us so welcome that we knew where we wanted to be’. That was him.”

He was a wonderful man. He was kind, warm, and loved having the family around

Wife Doreen Landriau

Born in Croydon in October 1941 to a French Canadian father and a British mother, Mr Landriau was evacuated to Canada at a young age to live in Quebec with his mother until his early teenage years.

They returned to live in Blackpool where he went to school and after finishing his education, he ran away from home to Tilbury to join the Merchant Navy, with his mother sending him £5 in the post to help him realise his dream.

After three years on the seas, Mr Landriau joined the Army for a nine year spell where he went abroad to Germany and Libya. He also drove buses and trams in Blackpool periodically during this time.

After leaving the Armed Forces, Mr Landriau went back to education and he met Doreen in January 1972 at Harris College in Preston while they were both training to become social workers.

The future Mrs Landriau admits she “wasn’t overimpressed” at first but he won her over when they were at a party in Ribchester that summer and then on their first date when they went for a meal at Barton Grange.

They were engaged by October 1972 and married in June 1973 and enjoyed a honeymoon in a caravan in the Lake District.

By now, Mr Landriau was an NSPCC officer for Burnley and Pendle area, later taking a job in a specialist unit in Palmers Green.

There, the couple had their two daughters Alex in 1975 and Vicki in 1978 before moving to Nelson in January 1979.

Mr Landriau worked his way up to Principal Social Worker in Bury and outside of work was involved in establishing the parent co-operative Devereux Preparatory School in Nelson, was a founder member of the Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale Community Health Council, Disabled Asian Womens’ Network and Bury Victim Support Scheme and was an official with the Burnley and Pendle Racial Equality Council.

He served four years as a Marsden ward councillor on Pendle Council and had just been re-elected as a Nelson Town Council for a second term.

Mr Landriau joined the Freemasons in the 1980s, becoming Worshipful Master in 1997, and was both treasurer of and in the choir at Burnley Lane Baptist Church.

He loved quizzes and was an excellent cook. His speciality of Maryland Chicken was always well received and he enjoyed a bottle of Barolo or Chateauneuf-du-Pape on special occasions.

Mr Landriau’s funeral will be held tomorrow at 1pm at Briercliffe Road Baptist/Methodist Church before a burial at Walton Lane in Nelson and refreshments at Nelson House in Burnley.