Lost dog: Padiham chemo patient appeals for info on emotional support 'bed buddy'

Tutsi has been missing since last month.
Tutsi has been missing since last month.
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A 'devastated' Padiham woman undergoing chemotherapy for a brain tumour is appealing for information regarding her lost dog who has been by her side throughout her illness, saying she can't eat or sleep without her 'bed buddy'.

Animal-lover Francine Swaine (35), of Whitegate Gardens, last saw her Yorkshire Terrier Tutsi when she let her out in her garden at around 9.30pm on July 27th, and is desperately appealing for any information on the whereabouts of her dog, who she says barely leaves her side.

Other images of Tutsi.

Other images of Tutsi.

Having just been bathed, Tutsi was not wearing a collar at the time and is described as having quite a long coat with Francine - who also has spina bifida and suffers from rheumatoid arthritis - explaining how Tutsi has been by her side throughout her illness.

"She's been with me all the way through it, she's been my bed buddy," said Francine, a former nurse. "She never leaves me unless she needs a wee or something to eat, so I'm devastated; I can't sleep, I can't eat."

Currently undergoing chemotherapy for a brain tumour in her pituitary gland which was diagnosed just four weeks ago, Francine has turned to Drone Search & Rescue for Lost Dogs UK, a Facebook group set up by Graham Burton which has reunited over 750 dogs with their owners through the help of hundreds of local drone owners and animal lovers.

"Tutsi is very important to me, I've had her eight years," Francine explained. "I've always been an animal lover; I had a horse before, but I had to give my horse up so my partner, Bryn Jones, bought me Tutsi when she was no bigger than my hand.

"I am over whelmed with all the help and support from everyone," she added.

If you have any information regarding Tutsi's whereabouts, please call 07724 906 353, 07546 586 261, or 07464 171 748.