Long-awaited traffic calming measures to be installed on busy Burnley road

Long-awaited safety measures are to be installed on a busy Burnley road, a year after it was the scene of a terrible accident involving a young boy.

Friday, 29th April 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 4th May 2016, 4:09 pm
Lyndhurst Road, Burnley. Photo: Google

Lancashire County Council has announced it will spend £81,000 on traffic calming measures for Lyndhurst Road where in February, 2015, schoolboy Luke Mason was struck by a car leaving him with severe injuries.

The 13-year-old Blessed Trinity pupil had been to a local shop and was crossing the road on his way back to his home in neighbouring Mitella Street when the accident happened.

He was left with severe head injuries and permanently disabled as a result of the accident and spent many months in hospital.

Luke Mason (S)

Lyndhurst Road is home to several popular local businesses, but has a number of residential side streets.

The proposed work, which has been included in the Road Safety 2016/17 Programme will see some side roads closed and made one way streets, and kerbed build outs instead of proposing junction tables.

Butcher Danny Heys, whose family business has been in Lyndhurst Road for 33 years, welcomed the news.

He said: “I would welcome any safety measures. Lyndhurst Road is very busy so anything that improves safety is good. The 20mph speed limit that was introduced a few years ago has also helped.”

Luke Mason (S)

Debbie Thompson, partnerships manager for Lancashire County Council, said: “The scheme proposed for Lyndhurst Road aims to improve safety by reducing vehicle speeds and reducing the potential for incidents as a result of vehicles entering and emerging from side streets.

“It is proposed to introduce one-way restrictions on a number of side streets to reduce the number of vehicle movements at the junctions, and to reduce the width of the road in a number of locations by building out the kerb to reduce vehicle speeds.

“Once the detailed design work has been completed we will hold a formal public consultation on the proposed scheme.”