Lights, camera, work experience for Burnley student

Burnley film student Alex Stirpe who is travelling to Switzerland for a weeks work experience.
Burnley film student Alex Stirpe who is travelling to Switzerland for a weeks work experience.

A BURNLEY film student is preparing for the work experience placement of a lifetime.

Alex Stirpe (18) is jetting off to Germany, Switzerland and Venice next month where he will be working on an Oscar-winning producer’s latest project.

Paul Donovan who, with his brother Michael, produced the documentary “Bowling for Columbine” is currently in Europe putting the finishing touches to a new fiction TV show.

Alex will join the crew on February 5th on location in Germany and has been trusted to go ahead of the crew to Switzerland in order to take b-roll footage before being involved with the final shoot in Venice.

“I’m not 100% sure what I’ll be doing yet,” said Alex, who lives in Howorth Road, Burnley. “I know I’m going to be working on set. At first I thought I would just be watching what was going on, making coffee, things like that. I’ve actually had a lot of faith put in me and I’m going to be an effective part of the production crew.

“Although we’re located in Germany we need some of the footage to give the impression that we are in Switzerland, so I’ll be flying out there a day earlier than the crew to get an idea of the locations and gather footage that will be used between scenes.

“Paul is actually my uncle’s brother-in-law. I’d told my uncle that I was looking to go into film and that I’d been looking for things locally and it hadn’t really been working out. I asked him for Paul’s email and emailed him seeing if there were any opportunities available. It’ll be a great experience. It’ll be good to see how things work on set and good to meet people working in the industry as well.”

Alex is currently in his final year at Burnley College studying film, media studies and graphics and is hoping to go to university afterwards.

He added: “I’m hoping to figure out exactly what I want to do, the more time I spend in the industry.

“It’s only just sinking in that this work placement is happening. It’s the perfect opportunity.”