LETTER: We want our hospital back

Regarding the headline “What Burnley wants back”, as Bob Dylan once said, the times are a changing.

My goodness the whole world is changing. The people of Burnley have been hit hard from every direction.

We are well renowned for roughing it and toughing it, what hit us most was losing our hospital.

Congratulations to Mr Birtwistle. Thank you. We still have our baby unit and special baby unit, otherwise Blackburn there you go.

It takes time to build up what we have lost. Mr Birtwistle carries on the fight for our hospital, he deserves respect and backing. It is our heritage and he cannot do it alone. We want our hospital back.

It is important that we don’t mix our politics up.

Mr Birtwistle is fighting hard for the people of Burnley to get our hospital back bit by bit as it left us. Don’t let him down. He had no choice in a coalition government so don’t mix the two. His heart is with Burnley.

Congratulations to Coun. Neil Mottershead’s team who work night and day to try and make our streets safer.

We have to back the people who understand the people of Burnley in their heads. Recently a bulletin was put through my door stating that the children’s ward had been shut down and that the A&E department was under manned.

Shame on you Mr Mark Townsend, so quick to judge Mr Birtwistle when it was your predecessors that put us in this predicament in the first place.

It’s a pity that you didn’t back the correspondence up to say you would help the people of Burnley to reclaim what is most close to our hearts, our hospital.

No mention of that.

So where do our morals lie? I’m quite sure the people of Burnley wait for your reply.

All we want is our hospital back.