Lazy ‘low-lifes’ to blame for Hapton fly-tipping

Abandoned Industrial Buildings
Abandoned Industrial Buildings
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A BLITZ on fly-tippers dumping mountains of waste at hot spots around Hapton must be stepped up – says the chairman of the parish council.

Christine Pucket-Goulden called for the crackdown after a four-man team had to be drafted in to deal with a “massive” mound of rubbish near the former Hepworth factory – the latest in a long line of incidents.

She claimed fly-tipping had been on the rise since the closure of the Padiham tip, and blamed lazy “low-lifes” for dumping their waste in the village.

She said: “It is blighting our community. They regularly go and tip down there. Every week.

“There is some more stuff dumped there now. It’s frustrating. It has got worse since they closed Padiham tip down.

“There are no dirty streets, it is dirty people. We are battling against a mindset but by doing something and prosecuting and making a big deal of it, it will deter people.”

Speaking about the latest incident, near the new Burnley Bridge development, Mrs Pucket-Goulden added: “It was massive. There was a huge pile of stuff and they had dumped a lot of trees and garden waste further down.

“It took four men with a large skip, a seven-and-a-half ton truck and a big caged vehicle to shift it.

“They were there for a whole morning clearing up. But there is already some more there. It is nasty.”

An address was recovered from the rubbish which was handed to the council to follow up, but it is unclear if any further action has been taken.

Mrs Pucket-Goulden said Mill Hill Lane and Pollard Moor were also problem hot spots for fly-tipping.

However, she said: “When we report it, the council is out very quickly. We can’t fault it on that, it responds absolutely brilliantly.

“But it’s a case of closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. We would like cameras up there. I’m not a great lover of cameras, but in this instance I think it would help and I think it would be more cost effective.”

Sean Spencer, Streetscene services manager, said: “We work closely with Veolia, our street cleansing contractors, to identify hot spot area where waste is fly-tipped.

“These areas are identified, monitored and all fly-tipping incidents searched for evidence by our enforcement officers. If sufficient evidence is found in the waste which has been fly-tipped, then a full investigation would be carried out.

“CCTV would be considered as an option at any site deemed suitable where fly-tipping occurs regularly.

“Burnley Council has a zero tolerance policy towards fly-tipping, and is one of the most successful councils at tackling it.

“Any individual found to be fly-tipping would be taken to court and prosecuted, to help make Burnley cleaner, greener and safer.”