Landmark Burnley gas holder to be demolished

The gas holder on Oswald Street that is due to be demolished.
The gas holder on Oswald Street that is due to be demolished.
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A landmark Burnley gas holder is to be pulled down in the coming months.

The now defunct gas holder in Oswald Street, Stoneyholme, will be demolished by the National Grid in the next 12 months.

A prominent site from the M65 motorway, the gas holder has been out of use for some time and its planned demolition is part of a nationwide programme.

A spokesman for the National Grid said: “We are preparing to demolish the gas holder in Oswald Street.

“Work is expected to start within the next 12 months. We haven’t yet appointed contractors to carry out the work and are still in the very early stages of the project.

“This is part of a nationwide programme.

“We have new and innovative ways of storing gas within our pipeline networks, and as such we don’t need the gas holders anymore.”

The Oswald Street gas holder is the last remaining remnant of Burnley’s gas industry.

In 2012, National Grid workers dug up the remains of a huge underground gasholder tank in Parker Lane, which had not been used for almost a century.

The gas works became among the most efficient in the country, and helped the town generate its own electricity, and also burned off Burnley’s waste in a destructor.

But the gas works closed in the late 1920s when generation of gas was moved to the Stoneyholme Gas Works, on the site of the current Burnley College.