Labour win big majority in Burnley local elections

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LABOUR have stormed to a resounding victory in the Burnley local elections today.

The Burnley Labour Party won a big town hall majority on a disastrous day for the Liberal Democrats.

Labour candidates gained eight seats and held on to three more as the local Lib Dems took a hammering from voters – losing seven of their nine seats.

Local Labour leader Coun. Julie Cooper romped to victory in Bank Hall ward and former mayor Coun. Tony Lambert retained his seat in Trinity ward.

British National Party candidate Coun. Sharon Wilkinson was also beaten by Labour in Hapton with Park ward leaving the BNP with no seats in Burnley.

Lib Dem Coun. Charlie Bullas was victorious in Coal Clough with Deeplay and will become the Mayor of Burnley for the coming year. Coun. Margaret Lishman also kept her seat in Briercliffe on an otherwise catastrophic day for the Lib Dems.

The Labour party now has 26 seats on Burnley Council with the Lib Dems dropping back to just 14 seats.

The Conservatives retained both of their seats in Cliviger with Worsthorne and Whittlefield with Ightenhill giving them five council seats overall.

Voter turnout in Burnley was 32.4% with just 21,749 out of the 67,126 electorate going to the polls yesterday.