Knife amnesty hailed a big success in East Lancashire

Fifty knives have been taken off the streets in East Lancashire as part of a national week of action aimed at tackling knife crime.

Some of the knives handed in as part of Operation Sceptre
Some of the knives handed in as part of Operation Sceptre

The knives were handed in as part of Op Sceptre, part of the response to continuing incidents across the country, including a number of recent fatal stabbings, which means knife crime remains firmly in the national spotlight.

The breakdown of knives recovered or surrendered in each area of Lancashire was: West – 27, East – 50, South – 70. The total across the county was 147

There were 15 test purchase operations at retailers resulting in four failures.

Chief Insp. Steve Anderton said: “We are pleased with how the week has gone but there is more to do.

“Lancashire Constabulary is being really pro-active about how it tackles knife crime.

“We are continuing to raise awareness of the dangers of carrying a knife among children and young people, regularly visiting schools to talk to students about the dangers of carrying a knife.

“We have a zero-tolerance policy towards knife possession, and anyone who is found to be in possession of a knife could face up to five years in prison.”