Kind-hearted Nelson traffic warden loses cancer battle

A RESPECTED former traffic warden, who had a reputation for booking as few people as possible, has died after fighting cancer for more than 14 years.

Sunday, 29th January 2012, 8:22 am

Softly-spoken “Geordie” Mr Bill Thompson (78) was also a keen cyclist.

He was born in Hebburn, Tyneside, and brought up in Jarrow.

During the Second World War, he and his brother Selby were twice evacuated, as young people in the North-East were considered at risk.

He was one of the last conscripts to join up, serving in the RAF for three years. During his time in the RAF, be was a good friend of Brian Thompson, from Pendle. During leave, he would stay with Brian’s family.

When he left the RAF, he came to live in Pendle, where his two sons – Keith and Stuart – were born. Keith was, until recently, landlord of the town’s Lord Nelson Hotel, but now lives in Cleveleys. Stuart lives in Lincoln.

Mr Thompson got a job at Bank Hall Colliery, but then did various other jobs before taking a role with Bellings, Burnley, where he met Lorraine. They married in 1977 and became parents of Lisa.

Then Mr Thompson lost his job at Bellings and became a traffic warden. He was far too nice to issue tickets, and therefore went looking for people to get them to move their cars before booking them.

He preferred to keep up good relationships in Nelson centre and made lots of friends.

He loved music and liked reading. He also enjoyed visiting his son at the Lord Nelson and having a pint.

His love affair with cycling started when his dad built him a bike, and it went on into his adulthood. He was a member of the Cyclists’ Touring Club, and he and Lorraine often used a tandem.

More than 14 years ago, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He battled well for many years, but for the past 12 months had been more seriously ill.

Mr Thompson’s funeral took place on Friday at Burnley Crematorium.