Julie Cooper backs Facebook campaign supporting online safety for Muslims

Burnley's MP, Julie Cooper, has thrown her support behind the guide.
Burnley's MP, Julie Cooper, has thrown her support behind the guide.
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Burnley MP, Julie Cooper, has welcomed a recently-released Facebook guide designed to help improve online safety for the Islamic community.

Titled 'Keeping Muslims Safe Online: Tackling Hate and Bigotry', the guide was released to a parliamentary reception on November 29th, with Burnley's MP praising its applicability to those from all walks of life.

“I welcome the publication of helpful information, including guides such as the one in question, which help to keep people safe from all aspects of hatred or bigotry," Julie Cooper MP said. "While this particular guide is intended to inform Muslims in particular on how to protect themselves, there are of course many groups of people as well as individuals who are subject to online hatred and abuse and it is therefore important that information on safety is circulated as widely as possible."

Released as part of Facebook’s Online Civil Courage Initiative (OCCI), the guide was developed in partnership with Faith Associates, a consultancy organisation which addresses the needs of ethnic minority faith-based communities, and targets the increasingly widespread issue of hateful online myths and nationalistic content on social media.