Jill's amazing artwork goes on display

Work by Sabden artist Jill Wright is taking centre stage at Burnley Mechanics in Manchester Road.

Thursday, 4th February 2016, 11:38 am
Jill Wright

Mixed media artist Jill (37) has a selection of her unique resin art on display in the gallery in the newly refurbished lounge. The solo exhibition is part of an ongoing Art Exhibition Programme where local artists can show their work to a potential 15,000 visitors over the next two months.

Jill says her work is inspired by the beautiful Sabden Valley in which she lives. She recreates the scenes in an enlivening way, with their familiarity and vibrancy captivating admirers, and the vivid colours and techniques she has mastered have become her signature.

She uses a combination of texturising mediums including acrylic paints, inks and a clear resin coating to intensify colours and make her works more durable.

She said: “I just love colour, especially pinks, I always have to sneak a little bit of pink in. I am often asked how I make my paintings look so 3D, but I don’t want to give all my secrets away.”

The mother of Reece (18) and Megan (15), she studied at The University Centre at Blackburn College, graduating with a degree in Design for Interiors.

“Even though I am not an interior designer I genuinely believe that my experience is the reason why my work sells. People can imagine my work on their walls because they can pick out colours to match their schemes,” she said.

She is currently a full-time artist based at Ribble Valley Art Studios in Clitheroe.