Jesus Christ wants to become next Burnley MP

Jesus Christ is alive and well in Burnley '“ and bidding to become the town's next MP.


Retired bus driver John Edward Birtwhistle changed his name to Jesus Christ by deed poll 20 years ago after he believed he had cured a friend’s damaged neck.

Mr Christ (77) has now told a national newspaper that he plans to stand as MP for Burnley in place of the current incumbent, another JC, Julie Cooper.

He told the Metro: “Things started to happen like healing. One of my customers was coming down the stairs and fell. He injured his neck. So I just put my hands on him and said: ‘Are you alright, I hope you’re not hurt’.

“He said ‘I’m alright now’. It must have damaged his neck and it went straight right away.”


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Mr Christ revealed his “ministry” will be focused on helping the environment and said that he would change wine into water because it was “healthier”.

He has also preached weekly bin collections, free bus passes for those over 60, getting rid of TV licences and children being taught at home by their parents.

The news of a self-proclaimed miracle worker in town should come as a boost to Clarets fans who will be hoping some divine intervention can help Burnley Football Club in their forthcoming Premier League season.