Jail for Burnley man who left dogs to die

Jamie Broadbent, 29, arriving at Burnley Magistrates' Court.

Thomas Temple/Rossparry.co.ukJamie Broadbent, 29, arriving at Burnley Magistrates' Court.

Thomas Temple/Rossparry.co.uk
Jamie Broadbent, 29, arriving at Burnley Magistrates' Court. Thomas Temple/Rossparry.co.uk
A Burnley man who let two dogs die in his house from dehydration has been jailed.

Jamie Broadbent (29) admitted causing the unnecessary deaths of a German shepherd cross named Roxie and a terrier named Cassie while he lived at a house in Bacup last year.

Burnley Magistrates’ Court heard the “bizarre” circumstances surrounding the case, which resulted in the deaths of the dogs.

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Broadbent, who was said to be suffering from depression, had left the dogs on a settee in an upstairs bedroom where they were found by an RSPCA inspector decomposed on May 23rd.

Carrie and Roxy.

Rossparry.co.uk / RSPCACarrie and Roxy.

Rossparry.co.uk / RSPCA
Carrie and Roxy. Rossparry.co.uk / RSPCA

Mr Chris Wyatt (prosecuting) said: “When the inspector attended the house she was informed by the landlord that it had been vacant for five weeks.

“On going upstairs she found that the outer door handle to the bedroom had been removed and placed on the barrister.

“When the door was broken down the dogs were discovered on the settee decomposed and infested with maggots. There was an overwhelming smell.

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“Bizarrely, there were two half full bags of dry dog food in the room, but there was no water. Scratch marks could be seen on the door. The dogs had obviously been in great distress.”

The court heard that, when traced, Broadbent had moved to Hobart Street in Burnley.

He admitted in interview that he was suffering from depression and had recently split up from his girlfriend with whom he had two children.

He said that he could not afford to buy anymore more food but could not explain why he had not given them water.

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Broadbent said that the terrier had died first and that he taken the door handle off to prevent the children from getting into the bedroom.

Mr Graeme Tindall (defending) said: “When this offence was committed Jamie Broadbent was clearly suffering from depression.

“This perhaps explains his bizarre behaviour. He is a man of good character with no previous convictions.”

Magistrates sentenced Broadbent to 12 weeks in custody.

The chairman of the bench said: “There was prolonged neglect which resulted in the deaths of these dogs.

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“We feel you should have acted after the death of the first dog. There were signs of distress and children were sometimes in the house.

“You also left the house knowing that the dogs were dead. You knew the likely outcome.”

Magistrates also disqualified Broadbent from keeping any animal for 10 years.

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