Jail for Burnley man who had heroin ‘out of fear’

A man caught in possession of heroin and cutting agents was said to have been keeping the drugs for a dealer “out of fear”.

JAILED: Ahad Miah (S)
JAILED: Ahad Miah (S)

During a police warrant, 14.2g of heroin, with a purity of 58%, and 926g of paracatemol and caffeine were found at the home of Ahad Miah (23), in Ormerod Street, at 9-30am on January 31st.

Stephen Parker (prosecuting) said the defendant told police there were “36oz. in there” and that he “had to keep them”.

He went on to say that someone, who he was unwilling to name, had some information about him, which was being used as a threat against him. He had been forced to hold the drugs, and had done so “in fear”.

Miah, who has eight previous convictions for 12 offences, but no previous cautions for drug-related incidents, was also found in possession of a small amount of cannabis.

Nigel Booth (defending) argued that Miah “has a positive side”, which he needs to bring to the fore “much more significantly than he had done in the recent past”.

Judge Jonathan Gibson made an order for the forfeiture and destruction of the drugs, before passing a 20 month custodial sentence for one count of possession of a class A drug, namely heroin, with intent, and for one count of possession of cannabis.

He said: “Without people to look after drugs, dealers find it much more difficult to operate.

“You have been to prison before, and had a suspended sentence activated... so it is inevitable that a custodial sentence must follow.”


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A victim surcharge was applied.