Jail for Brierfield driver gave brother’s details to police

A DRIVER whose lies to police led to his brother and another relative being summonsed to court is behind bars for eight months.

Burnley Crown Court heard how Kamran Zaman struck three times when police stopped him for driving with no insurance, using his mobile phone and speeding. He gave officers his brother Amir Zaman’s name once and Abdul Ghafoor’s details twice and both men had to prove their innocence.

Zaman, who had not been insured on any of the three occasions, had given fingerprints when he had been stopped and they proved he had been behind the wheel.

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The defendant (21), of Clegg Street, Brierfield, had admitted three counts of attempting to pervert the course of justice and three of having no insurance. He was also banned for a year.

The court was told Zaman had been stopped in November, 2010 and in January and April last year, in the same vehicle, but the registration number had changed. He had a record for dangerous driving and having no insurance.

Mr Richard Taylor, for Zaman, said he presented as somewhat naive and immature and had been selfish. He had “got away with it” the first time in 2010 and so did it twice more.

The solicitor said: “He gave family members’ names. He gave his own fingerprints. It was inevitable he was going to be discovered.”

Mr Taylor said Mr Zaman and Mr Ghafoor were present in court, were of a forgiving nature and did not bear the defendant any malice.

The defendant was in work and was hoping to marry later this year. The solicitor added: “It may be a sign of maturity that’s badly needed in this young man.”

Sentencing, Recorder Maurice Greene said Mr Zaman had had to go to the police station as well as being summonsed to court to prove he had not been the driver.

The judge continued of the victims: “I accept and understand they forgive you, but having said that they must have been extremely concerned they were being summonsed for offences they had nothing to do with.

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“This type of offence strikes at the root of the system of justice we have in this country.”