Indian caravan of culture in Burnley

A rich extravaganza of musicians and acrobats from Rajasthan-India visit Burnley this weekend.

Friday, 2nd September 2016, 6:00 pm

Burnley based Love and Etiquette Foundation has teamed up with South Asian Arts Agency to present 21st century folk music with attitude at Burnley Youth Theatre, Queen’s Park Road, today and tomorrow (Saturday).

Barmer Boys are the next generation of performers carrying forward the centuries-old musical traditions of the Manganiyars, described by Mixed World Music as “creating a maximum groove with minimal means”.

The band are the global ambassadors of contemporary Rajasthani folk and Sufi music combined with beatboxing.

Rizwan Iqbal, creative director of Love and Etiquette, said: “The band’s versatility of styles and bubbling energy infuses each performance – from soulful spiritual songs to uplifting wedding and celebratory songs, songs of love and remembrance, to boisterous jams.

“Barmer Boys will be supported by a ‘supergroup’ of Rajasthan’s elite street circus performers. Friday’s special performance takes on an ancient, mystical and magical circus format featuring dancers, illusionists, aerialists, acrobats and musicians.

“They will also offer a special indoor and outdoor workshops and performances tomorrow from noon to 4pm which will give children and families a chance to join the artists in practicing some of the simpler skills in the company of authentic street performance.

“Workshops include dancing, singing, turban tieing, balancing pots, juggling, acrobatics, dressing up and playing percussion and harmonium.”

• The Manganiars consider themselves descendants of the Rajputs and are renowned as highly skilled folk musicians of the Thar desert.

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