Hot ash blaze damages Brierfield home

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A BLAZE broke out at a Brierfield house after hot ash from a log burning stove caught fire.

Smouldering ash left in a plastic bucket had sparked the fire which set light to the carpet and wooden floor boards on Saturday night.

Firefighters were called to the property in Hawkswood Gardens at 1-15am after the occupants spotted smoke billowing from a room.

The flames were extinguished before the fire could spread through the house but fire crews said the owners had a lucky escape.

Crew manager Rob Barker, of Nelson Fire Station, said: “It was not a massive fire by any means - but it could have been if it was not discovered by the people that lived there.

“It very slowly set fire and actually got going properly.

“They did not have smoke alarms fitted. It was lucky that they were awake and not asleep, because it could have been a lot different.”

He added: “The best advice is not to use a plastic bucket to put hot ash in - it should be metal.”