Horse rider Dan strips for safety campaign

Bareback riding is one thing but Dan McDevitt decided to go naked horse riding to promote a national campaign.
Dan McDevitt 'Slow down for my horse' campaign (s)Dan McDevitt 'Slow down for my horse' campaign (s)
Dan McDevitt 'Slow down for my horse' campaign (s)

Dan owns Barden Stables and stripped off for the ‘Slow Down For My Horse’ Facebook campaign which is aimed at getting road users to take more notice of horses.

It was launched earlier this month by Jersey-based Lauren De Gruchy who was pictured walking a horse in her underwear saying ‘Can you see me now” and the page has had more than 20,000 likes.

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Since then people have been stripping off to support the cause, including Dan, with the hashtag #canyouseemenow.

“I looked on the page and there were loads of women but only a few men so I decided to have a go,” said Dan (38), who was pictured on his horse Dino.

“I have been selected as one of five men to be featured and I have 700 likes in two days so I haven’t done too badly!

“I made sure there were no customers around though when the photos were taken!”

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Dan says it’s a vital campaign, especially as he has asked for traffic calming measures near his stables on Barden Lane in the past and still sees cars racing past.

“Thankfully there have only been minor incidents but a child could be killed by drivers not taking notice or getting too close,” said Dan.

“We have 48 horses here and a lot of children ride them so it is imporant. There have been bad accidents in places like Clitheroe and Barrowford with fast drivers on country roads and so, if this raises awareness and helps, then I don’t mind stripping off.”