Homeware firm rushes to help flood victims

An East Lancashire company has sprung into action to help flooding victims in Cumbria who have seen properties devastated by deluges of water.

Altham company What More UK has sent out pallet loads of its Wham brand heavy duty brooms, brushes, mops and mop buckets to some of the worst-hit areas, to be given out free to householders whose homes have been flooded.

After contacting emergency response centres in Carlisle and Kendal to establish what was needed most, What More has dispatched 800 mops, 400 mop buckets and 400 heavy duty stiff brushes to the two areas. As soon as the delivery point details were received, the stock was picked from the warehouse, palleted, loaded and on the road to Cumbria.

“When we saw the devastation to people’s homes caused by this week’s floods, and with the prospect of more rain still to come, we wanted to do whatever we could to help,” said Tony Grimshaw, director of What More UK.

Storm Desmond caused widespread flooding, damage and power cuts in Cumbria and Lancashire. Honister, in Cumbria, recorded 13.4in. of rain in the 24-hour period between December 4th and 5th.