Holidays cottages are planned for Worsthorne

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PARISH COUNCIL – The February meeting was attended by Couns Lawson, Frost-Hardwick, Heginbotham and Smith, County Coun. Brindle and PCSO Dave Johnson. Apologies were received from Couns B. and T. Lambert and Scott Walsh

A Gordon Street resident raised the issue of a tree overhanging her property - the clerk to write to Burnley Council. A resident from Showfield asked for help regarding parking in turnaround areas - PCSO Johnson is to take registration numbers of vehicles and speak to the owners. Residents expressed concern about potholes near Brownside Bridge, but County Coun. Brindle said re-surfacing work would be carried out.

County Coun. Brindle reported that: 20 m.p.h. zones were going ahead for residential areas; PCSO funding is safe; the borough council had received extra Government finance of £1.7m. It was agreed the clerk would complete a funding application to Lancashire County Council for the Reading Rooms.

Coun. Heginbotham said the borough council had £7,000 allocated for community skips.

PLANNING APPLICATIONS – Woodland near Hurstwood Lane, Hurstwood: change of use of forestry plantation to mountain bike trails including the construction of mountain bike tracks. Councillors are concerned current users are not adversely affected by bikers regarding noise and disturbance and the effect on nature conservation.

Saville Green Farm, Gorple Road: erection of seven timber holiday cottages and an access road. Councillors expressed concerns: the site should only be open for 10 months to avoid permanent residency; there should be proper connection to mains drainage; spring and water supplies which feed into steam in Swain Lane should be protected from pollution; noise and light pollution should be minimised.

OTHER BUSINESS – The grant from the borough council is £3,458 and and a £5,000 precept is to be requested.

It was resolved Lakeland stone be used for the memorial bench. The clerk is to request an update on tree-felling at Hurstwood Cottage and ask the nursery to remove the commercial waste bin, which is currently located near the front door.

ALLOTMENTS – Coun. Smith said the work team had done a good job. The water tap had been connected and he had requested them to level the path. Coun. Smith reported that someone had turned the water tap on resulting in a bill of £80. The clerk is to produce a laminated poster asking tenants to keep watch for unauthorised use of the tap. A letter of thanks is to be sent to the Community Payback team.

JUBILEE – To celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, a community orchard is being considered. Coun. Lawson is to contact Phil Dewhirst/Offshoots for advice. A competition to design a coat of arms as part of the Jubilee celebrations is to be organised.

POLICE REPORT – PCSO Johnson requested that the recreation ground be registered as a green space so funding from Queen Elizabeth II Fields could be applied for.

MOTHERS’ UNION – Tony Cummins gave a talk entitled “Reflections in Poetry, Monologue and Song”. At the next meeting, at 7-30 p.m. on March 15th, the Rev. Keith Henshall will talk about his experiences during a ministry which has taken him to several interesting locations. All welcome.