Hoax calls could have ended in tragedy

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TWO hoax calls to Burnley Fire Station could have ended in tragedy according to a leading firefighter.

The malicious calls, believed to be made by different people, were made at 2-30 a.m. and 4-30 a.m. on Friday resulting in fire crews being mobilised to non-existent incidents.

The first caller, speaking on a mobile phone, said that people were trapped in a burning house in Granville Street. Three appliances were mobilised but on arrival discovered there was no fire.

The second call, made from a public telephone box, on the corner of Hammerton Street and St James’s Street, said a car had crashed into Marks and Spencer and that people were trapped. Two appliances attended and again found nothing.

Watch manager Pete Ashworth said: “These two malicious calls could have cost lives as fire crews were sent out when there could have been real fires somewhere else.

“It is particularly disturbing because both calls said that people were trapped which means we send out all our crews, particularly in the case of the supposed house fire which involved a crew coming from Nelson. This is irresponsible and dangerous.”

Watch manager Ashworth said the service was investigating the mobile phone call and looking at CCTV footage from the phone box. He said there was nothing to suggest the calls had been made by the same person.