Heartfelt family tribute to young Burnley crash victim

Shane Maughan
Shane Maughan
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The family of a man killed in a recent Burnley car accident have paid a touching tribute to him.

Shane Maughan (20) of St Helens was killed when his car was involved in a collision with a taxi on Manchester Road in Burnley on November 7th.

His family released the following statement.

“Shane will be sadly missed by his sisters, his brothers and his Mum. He was a loving person, bubbly and full of life.

“He was the life and soul of the party and it will never be the same without him.

“Gone way before your time, we’ll remember you with your smile and we’ll remember you and smile.”

His family have also asked for the below poem to be sent out:

Dear son in Heaven,

I sit here and ponder how very much

I’d like to talk with you today

There are so many things

That we didn’t get to say.

I know how much you care for me

And how much I care for you

And each time that I think of you

I know you’ll miss me too.

An angel came and took you by the hand, and said

Your place was ready in Heaven, far above…

And you had to leave behind, all those you dearly loved

You had so much to live for, you had so much to do…

It still seems impossible that God was taking you.

And though your life on earth is past, in Heaven it starts anew

You’ll live for all eternity, just as God has promised you.

And though you’ve walked through Heaven’s gate

We are never far apart

For every time I think of you,

You’re right here, deep within my heart.