Heart transplant dad (26) battles new infection

A YOUNG dad, who underwent a life-saving heart transplant one year ago, has been back in hospital battling a virus.

Ben Knight was admitted to Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester, three weeks ago after contracting the CMV virus that only affects heart transplant patients and new-born babies. Doctors placed him on four drips a day to treat the infection and Ben (26) hopes to be home next week, says his dad, Mr Clive Knight, of Sabden.

Mr Knight Snr said: “The virus has affected Ben’s kidneys and other organs but doctors think they have got it under control now.

“The doctors are fantastic at Wythenshawe. He is in the best hands possible, they know what they are doing but he is fed up and wants to get home.’’

Ben lives with his partner, Lindsey Burtonood in Whalley Road, Simonstone, and their little boys, Dylan (6) and 10-month-old Oscar. He had the five-and-a-half-hour op last year just weeks before the birth of Oscar, an event the family feared Ben may not live to see.

After his operation, Ben urged people to “think positively’’about organ donation after he was given a second chance at life. He and his family have been fund raising for the New Start Wythenshawe Hospital’s Transplant Fund.

Ben, a Blackburn Rovers fan, was healthy until he contracted a throat infection aged 16. It developed into glandular fever and he spent two months in Burnley General Hospital as his heart was only working 15%. A former pupil of Sabden Primary and Ribblesdale High Schools, he was added to the organ donor waiting list but after 14 months his condition deteriorated. After his name was put on the emergency transplant list last year a match was found and after his transplant he made a full recovery.