Turf Moor to host dementia awareness event

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An event to provide families with advice and information about dementia will be held at Burnley Football Club on Monday.

The session, between 10am and 3-30pm in the James Hargreaves Suite, is part of Dementia Awareness Week.

It includes a number of different areas including a Virtual Dementia Tour, which will give visitors the opportunity to simulate what those with the condition experience and how it impacts on their daily living. There will also be an interactive marketplace, with workshops for those affected by dementia. Visitors will be able to meet those who provide care for people living with dementia and learn how to recognise the early symptoms of dementia and where to get support in their area.

An estimated 5,800 people across the area are believed to have dementia and the number is predicted to increase by 50% in the next 15 years. Symptoms include memory loss, mood changes and problems with communicating and reasoning. There will also be the opportunity to see the latest technology supporting people living in their home.

The dementia café will allow a friendly chat about the condition with people who understand in a relaxing atmosphere. Dementia Friend sessions will explain more about the symptoms of dementia and help in creating a better understanding and finding out about the support on offer for carers.

Carer Dorothy Wright said: “Early diagnosis is of the utmost importance. Do not delay because if you are noticing problems now, they will have been there for quite a while and deterioration to the brain will already have taken place. You can still participate in daily life and get enjoyment from familiar activities while on medication which are designed to stimulate the brain and slow down the process. Receiving more awareness when attending the initial GP appointment about memory problems will avoid a lot of stress and frustration to the patient and their loved ones. The symptoms of dementia develop very differently in each person so please do not ignore them and think it will go away, it does not go away and will take over you and your family’s lives totally. Seek and take all help available.”

Alex Walker, senior operating officer at NHS East Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group, added: “Support to people with dementia and their carers is a priority for the CCG and improving awareness and understanding of the disease, as well as listening to the experiences of people living with dementia on a day to day basis, is at the heart of how we can improve our collective offer of support. We welcome the opportunity to work with partners in hosting this awareness event.”

Those wish­ing to attend can either reg­is­ter­ directly on http://goo.gl/83I4S7,ring­ 01772 536294 or just turn up on the day. If trans­port to the event is a con­cern, please ring 01282 644880 for options avail­able and to make arrangements.