Tragic death of Burnley baby Abigail

Abigail Marie Cook
Abigail Marie Cook

A BABY girl who was described by her family as “the light in our darkness” has died aged just three-and-a-half-months old.

The parents of Abigail Marie Cook rang 999 and made desperate attempts to revive her when they discovered she was not breathing last Saturday morning at the family home in Burnley.

Abigail’s heartbroken mum, Danielle Lord, said: “The ambulance arrived really quickly and the paramedics were fantastic, they never stopped working to try and revive Abigail at the house and all the way to the hospital in Blackburn. I tried to resuscitate Abigail myself but I suffer from Bells Palsy and my facial muscles were tight so I couldn’t do it effectively.

“When we arrived at the hospital there were about 20 people around Abigail but after a whlle the doctor just came over to me and said ‘she’s gone.’ I think I knew she had died before he said it.

“Abigail was such a strong and feisty little girl, she was just too good for this world.”

Now Danielle and her partner, Malcolm Cook, of Hillside Close, who also have a little boy, Benjamin (2) are trying to come to terms with the devastating loss of their daughter. She was born just months after ex-Marine Malcolm (37) was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Although benign, regular scans are made on the tumour to check it has not grown.

Danielle, who is 26, said: “Abigail was the light in our darkness after news of Malcolm’s brain tumour and also the death of his gran at the start of the year. She was so precious to us.

“I know I’m biased but she was a beautiful baby, everyone used to say that to us and she had the most stunning, piercing blue eyes.”

Weighing in at a healthy seven pounds, six ounces when she was born in October last year, Abigail had been for her MMR jab on the day before she died. But she had slept though the event and did not seem to suffer any ill effects.

Danielle said: “She had a bit of a cold and was cranky after her jabs but we had a really lovely day together. I went round Asda and I kept bumping into the same lady in each aisle and she commented each time how beautiful Abigail was. Then we spent with some time with my brother and his four children and it felt so nice because he was making Abigail laugh and giggle.”

Abigail’s funeral will be held on Tuesday at St Matthew’s CE Church at 11-15 a.m. followed by interment at Burnley Cemetery at noon. Flowers will be received and the couple will ask mourners to write a message to the tot on cards hand-made by Danielle. These will then be attached to balloons and released into the air.

Danielle said: “We want the funeral to be a send-off to remember for Abigail no matter what it costs. We will never get the chance to have a wedding or 21st for her and this is for all those special occasions she will never see.”

Danielle has paid tribute to medical staff who battled to save her little girl and also family and friends for their support, saying: “I don’t know how we would have got through this without them.”