Toxoplasmosis fears over empty Burnley house

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A DISGUSTED father was worried for his family’s health because of cat faeces at a disused property in Burnley.

Scott Hargreaves (32), who lives next door to the empty house in Hughes Street with his partner Patricia and their three-year-old daughter, Chloe, contacted the Express with his concerns.

Mr Hargreaves said he previously almost lost his sight to toxoplasmosis – a parisitic disease passed on to humans from cats – and was concerned his family could contract the illness from the waste.

Mr Hargreaves said: “There could be dead cats in there. The smell is horrendous. If Chloe breathes it in, it can be very dangerous.

“When a child’s sight is involved it is really serious. Toxoplasmosis can cause you to go blind if it’s not caught early. It never goes away, it just lies dormant.”

The concerned father said that when the house had been unoccupied for three weeks after the last tenants moved out, animal waste could be smelled through the walls. Burnley Council said it would inspect the property.

After the visit a council spokesman told the Express they had inspected the house this week with representatives from the managing agents to have a look inside. She said they could see no evidence of any issue with smell or cat faeces

Mr Hargreaves is hoping the council’s action has led to a solution.

He said: “You try and live clean and tidy and do the best you can but it’s hard when you’ve got vermin coming in because of the dirt next door.”

Mr Hargreaves confirmed after the council visit that the smell had gone but there was still rubbish in the backyard of the empty house.