Golfing endurance test for good cause

Andrew Slater, Chris Sedgwick, David Sedgwick, Damian Pearson
Andrew Slater, Chris Sedgwick, David Sedgwick, Damian Pearson
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An unfilled new year’s resolution to help a charity led to four friends having the longest day of their lives on the golf course.

By close of play they had been on the course for 15 hours, walked 20 miles, and averaged around 800 shots – and they are hoping to earn £500 for Macmillan Cancer.

The epic journey began when Towneley Golf Club member Chris Sedgwick and his wife, Kerri, looked out their resolutions from 2014. Chris (27), of Hillside, Burnley, had “do something for charity and/or contribute towards someone else’s life”.

He came up with a plan to play four rounds of golf in one day.

As his idea for a marathon golf challenge grew he mentioned it while at work, at Delta Laminates Ltd, to his dad David (52) and workmate Damian Pearson (53), who both live in Padiham, and to his friend Andrew Slater (51) who lives in Burnley.

They teed off at 5 o’clock one Sunday morning and completed the final 72nd hole at 8-30pm.

“We were absolutely shattered afterwards and the days that followed,” said Chris. “I’ve only just recovered if I’m honest!

“It was a very enjoyable day and to help raise money to change other people’s lives is the cream on top, it’s just a fantastic feeling! 72 holes of golf is not something I imagined would be as hard as it was. When you think about it, four rounds doesn’t sound all that much. However, towards the end we could barely swing our clubs!”

Chris has been playing golf since he was about 16 but did not take up the sport seriously until a little under three years ago. He joined Towneley Golf Club two years ago and is currently its marketing chairman. He and Kerri have a daughter, Courtney-Leigh, who is three.

At the start of every year they write down goals they would like to achieve within the coming 12 months and put the list into a jar. On New Year’s Day the following year they open it so they can tick off their achievements.

“I believe that if every one of us gets involved in raising awareness about cancer, we can help more people cope, and overcome it,” said Chris. “What better way than to combine a hobby and do something to help.”