Burnley woman hosts Diamond Jubilee party after major op

Paiton Kilby-Leigh Harrison
Paiton Kilby-Leigh Harrison
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A FORMER Burnley woman, who is recuperating after undergoing major surgery, is hoping to bring a community together this weekend with a Diamond Jubilee street party.

Sahera Bhatti will host the extravaganza in Queens Road West, Accrington, today for dozens of families in the area to enjoy a day to remember.

Burnley born and bred Sahera will also be joined by several of her relatives who still live in Burnley. She wanted to organise a memorable event as she has spent the past five months recovering from a major operation after it was suspected she had ovarian cancer. Sahera is now on the road to making a full recovery and she wanted to give something back to the community.

She said: “I want this to be a really special day for eveyone. A lot of planning has gone into it so it will be a day for people of all ages to enjoy.’’

Sahera has organised a raffle and all the proceeds will be donated to a five-year-old girl from Oswaldwistle called Ellie Leythert. Ellie suffers from cerebral palsy and her family need to raise money for her to have an operation in America. Sahera will also be joined by her daugher, Paiton Kilby-Leigh Harrison who is 11 and named after former Burnley player Andy Payton and former chairman Barry Kilby for a very special reason. For the youngster made the headlines in The Burnley Express as she was conceived at Turf Moor!

Sahera attended a Milllennium celebration with her former husband at the football club. They were desperate for a child but doctors had told Sahera she may never be able to have children. They decided to see if a little Clarets magic could help and it did! The couple were caught on camera and made the headlines but football club bosses were amused by their daring spirit and Mr Kilby even mentioned the incident in his autobiography.

Paiton, a pupil at Accrington’s Peel Park Primary School, was among the dozens of dancers chosen to perform for the Queen when she had lunch at Turf Moor during her recent visit.