Burnley is fourth unhealthiest place to live in the UK

Linda Searle
Linda Searle
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Burnley has been unveiled as the fourth unhealthiest place to live in the country, according to new figures released by Public Health England.

The figures, which were released last week, are based on a ratings system which takes into account factors including how many people in the area smoke, diet, alcohol consumption, and the proportion of the population who are overweight.

Burnley was above the national average on every single aspect of the report.

Linda Searle, the health and wellbeing manager for Burnley Leisure, said: “I feel saddened and disappointed by the poll’s results.

“However, improvements in health outcomes can take years, even decades to see marked change.”

According to the figures there were 916 alcohol related admissions per 100,000 people in Burnley in 2013-14 which was 42% higher than the national average.

It was also revealed that Burnley was the third highest place in the country when it comes to the proportion of the population that smokes, with 27.9% of the town smoking compared to a national average of 18%.

Despite the results, Burnley’s Healthy Lifestyle team say they will continue to try and improve health outcomes in the town.

“We are working hard to improve health outcomes by providing healthy lifestyle programmes and activities that are planned and delivered in local communities,” continued Linda.

“The programmes are also designed to encourage people to better manage any long team health conditions that they may have, whilst raising the awareness that the way we live our lives has a major impact on our health, such as poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, and too much alcohol.

“We’re also currently developing new approaches to motivate and support people to make healthy changes to their lifestyle that resonates with them.”

It was Blackpool that was named as the most unhealthy place to live, with Knowsley in Merseyside coming in second, South Tyneside in third and Hartlepool completing the top five.

Chiltern, in Buckinghamshire, was named as the healthiest place to live in England.

If you want to take advantage of Burnley Leisure’s Healthy Lifestyles initiatives, they can be contacted on 01282 477134.