HEALTH: New high-tech cardiology equipment unveiled

EAST Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust has thanked the local community and the British Heart Foundation for helping secure funds for a new piece of cardiology equipment.

Consultant cardiologist Dr Emily Ho, cardiology team leader Gill Corteen and business manager Rita Briggs were delighted to receive a new 3D echocardiogram machine presented by Barbara Dunn, BHF fund-raising and volunteer manager in Blackburn.

Echocardiograms are a specialised test which look at the structure of the patient’s heart. A probe is placed on the chest and a pulse of high frequency sound is passed through the skin. The echoes reflected by the pulse show as a picture on a screen. The images provide extremely accurate and detailed information about the structure, valves and pumping action of the heart, helping doctors make more informed and speedier diagnoses.

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The equipment was purchased by the help of the local community through the BHF’s Heart of Blackburn Appeal, which raised a staggering £128,000 from fundraising and donations from across East Lancashire.

Dr Ho said: “We are thrilled that this new piece of equipment is now available within cardiology at East Lancashire Hospitals and that we are able to continue improving the quality and efficiency of patient diagnosis and treatment.”