Have your say on future of Burnley Market

Burnley Market
Burnley Market

Shoppers are being asked what they think about Burnley Market, and what people say could decide its future, and whether or not it is moved.

Burnley Council is carrying out a survey, both on the streets and on-line, as part of a wide-ranging review of the market and what it has to offer.

On-street interviews have been taking place since November 18th in Burnley town centre, and the online survey runs until December 8th at www.letusknow.org.uk/markets2013

Questioned include asking about shopping habits, how often the market is visited and why, how shoppers rate various parts of the market, and their views on possible future events. The survey takes around 10 minutes.

Market boss Colin Hill said: “It is important that we get this right for the future and we would particularly welcome the views of those people that do not use the market in order for us to fully understand why not.”

Burnley Council is also employing professional consultants in the markets industry to carry out an independent review.

It will look at how the market currently operates and suggest alternatives, including review its current location, and future options.