Hanging baskets ordered to brighten up Briercliffe

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Briercliffe Parish Council held its monthly meeting on Monday evening. Present were Coun. Mrs Anne Kelly (chairman), Couns Bailey, Prince, Thomas, Frost and Lishman, clerk Mr Steven Walker, Mr John Greenwood, allotments and several members of the public. Couns Royle and Meeks and County Coun. Mrs Margaret Briggs, sent apologies.

A question was asked about work being done at a mobile phone installation in Burnley Road, Harle Syke. An application has been submitted for the renewal of an existing antenna. In this case it was felt an objection would have been pointless as permission had already been granted for the use of the site.

The dog warden is to be contacted after a resident complained about the amount of dog fouling in the parish.

Excessive parking around the two schools was raised. This is a matter for the county council’s on street parking team and County Coun. Briggs will be contacted.

The grassed area at the end of Duke Street is being damaged by children waiting for the bus. The parish council will assess the situation but parents are asked not to allow their children to damage the area.

POLICE REPORT – The Community Beat Team sent a written report. PCSO Lonsdale, after her maternity leave, is now back on duty and will be seen throughout the parish. There had been 69 incidents reported to the police in the past 30 days, of which eight were crimes. This compares favourably with other wards in the borough and it must be remembered the area covered by the report is much larger than the parish of Briercliffe.

Of the reported crimes one has been detected. Crimes include thefts from property and vehicles and a case of criminal damage at Horning Crescent. A problem relates to youths gathering at various places and leaving litter. The police have been asked to monitor this and also traveller vans which have recently been found looking for property in backyards and taking it without permission.

ENVIRONMENT – The parish council has ordered another batch of hanging baskets for street lights in Burnley Road. The lengthsman will be asked to keep them watered.

Coun. Kelly has managed to obtain, from a local farmer, a supply of large stone to which some of the new parish signs will be fixed. It is planned to have the first two in place, in a few weeks, at the entrance to the bowling green and opposite the entrance to the turning circle.

The woodland walk, created on Queen Street Recreation Ground, is to have its own sign. This has been designed by pupils at Briercliffe School and it is hoped they will be present when the signs are fixed on April 6th.

LOCAL HISTORY – The Local History Group of the Briercliffe Society will meet at Haggate School on Wednesday at 7 p.m. It will discuss the exhibition to be designed for the re-opening of Briercliffe Library, a heritage information board for Duke Street Gardens and a local history walk in the Roggerham area. A request has been made for a daytime walk, possibly at a weekend in the later spring.

WALKING FESTIVAL – Burnley Walking Festival is to take place over the week which includes the May Day Bank Holiday. There is to be a Harle Syke Walk organised by the Briercliffe Society led by Roger Frost with visits to Queen Street Mill and Briercliffe Church. This is scheduled for Tuesday, May 3rd, at 7 p.m.