Hallowe’en warning for Pendle Hill revellers

Pendle Hill
Pendle Hill

Hallowe’en revellers are being warned to stay away from the Nick o’ Pendle tonight.

It will be closed to fairground rides, mobile catering units and parked cars from 6pm until 3am.

There will also be a one-way system in place for traffic travelling from the A59 to Sabden.

Motorists heading for Pendle Hill via the A59 will be unable to stop until they reach Sabden, where they will be allowed to park and walk up the hill.

Pendle Hill will be closed to traffic travelling from Sabden and access to the Wellsprings Inn at the Nick o’ Pendle will be from the A59 only.

Traffic coming into Sabden via Black or White Hill from the direction of Padiham, Burnley, the M65, or M66, will have to exit the village via Whalley Road, or park and walk up Pendle Hill.

There will be “no waiting” cones on both sides of Clitheroe Road from Sabden, over the nick to the Pendleton turn-off.

Specialist contractors will remove any fairground rides, mobile catering units or vehicles parked in the no-waiting area.

Safety cones will also be placed down the centre of the road forming two lanes, one for pedestrians and one for cars travelling from the A59.

Ribble Valley Borough Council, Lancashire County Council and Lancashire Constabulary have implemented the restrictions with the support of Sabden Parish Council following concerns about heavy traffic, alcohol related disorder and unauthorised use of fireworks.