Hair salon flooded in freak rainstorm

A good blow dry was needed at a Burnley hair salon when a freak rainstorm created flash floods.

Staff at Sonia Gill’s in Yorkshire Street found themselves ankle deep in water on Wednesday following a heavy downpour at lunchtime.

But the hardy hairdressers were not to be deterred and continued styling for their clients.

Stylist Joanne Fairhurst said: “We were halfway through some clients’ appointments and they were happy for us to carry on so we did.

“When someone said we were flooding I thought it was a joke at first, but water just came flooding through from the back.

“The rain only lasted about anhour but it certainly came in. We were all brushing up to clear the water away.

“We’re back to normal now thankfully. It’s spotless now, everyone has worked really hard.”

The heavy rain, which started around 1-30pm on Wednesday created very localised flooding in parts of Burnley.

Although much of the town remained untouched, around 20 houses in Lowerhouse were flooded.

The outfield at Lowerhouse Cricket Club resembled a lake as flood waters took over, and houses in Lowerhouse Lane and Lowerhouse Fold were affected.

Luckily, neighbours and the fire service were on hand to clear up.