Generous Burnley firm offers staff chance to pursue their dreams... all in work's time

Burnley based Motorpoint is offering staff paid time off to pursue their dreams and ambitions.
Burnley based Motorpoint is offering staff paid time off to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

A Burnley company is  giving staff the chance to follow their dreams... in work's time!

Motorpoint launched its One Big Dream scheme in September last year and since then staff have been given over 15,000 hours of time off, at the company's expense, to pursue their dreams.

And the scheme has allowed staff to do a variety of different things, from volunteering for various charitable activities, learning to play a musical instrument, going to the gym or hair salon, being able to do the school run and even going for dinner with a professional rugby player.

The independent car retailer, which is based on Rosegrove Lane in Burnley, launched its ‘One Big Dream’ scheme in order to ensure they were giving back to their team in a bid to improve their wellbeing and increase happiness levels.

Since then over 90% of employees at Motorpoint, which was recently named a Top 100 Company to Work For by Best Companies for a fifth successive year, have taken advantage of the benefit which allows staff to take up to two paid hours a month to do something that they love.

In total, 625 days have been taken since the scheme launched- the equivalent of 1.7 years.

Among those to utilise their ‘One Big Dream’ is Martin Lewis who spends his time as a mentor for a charity called ‘Inside Out’ which supports people who have either been released or are in the process of being released from prison.

Martin said: “I am extremely grateful to be given the time by Motorpoint to support my voluntary work with Inside Out

“I am passionate about helping people succeed and having the extra hours to do just that makes all the difference."

Cat Moseley, HR Director at Motorpoint, added: “We understand how challenging it can be to balance work and life sometimes and so we spoke with our teams and developed our ‘One Big Dream’ scheme.

" It’s proved to be a huge success with the vast majority of the team utilising those hours for everything from school pick ups and harvest festivals through to gym sessions and even dinner with a professional rugby player.

"Adding value to our employees outside of work is a key part of our employment offer. It’s a unique and versatile benefit that means something special to everyone, every time they use it.

“We’re already looking at ways in which we can improve ‘One Big Dream’ further as we head towards 2020 but it’s brilliant to see so many colleagues utilising this time to do some of the things that we sometimes don’t have the time to do and thoroughly enjoying themselves in the process.”

The ‘One Big Dream’ is just one of a range of benefits available to Motorpoint employees.

Others include extra holiday days to support major life events such as birthdays, moving house or getting married.

The company has also just launched a range of ‘thank-you’ cards with hidden treats inside them to give to staff who have gone that extra mile.

In addition, Motorpoint recently unveiled its own charity parking scheme that will see staff at the company’s HQ raise £5,000 a year for one of the company’s charitable partners by agreeing to pay £10 per month per person for a reserved parking space.