‘Gender fluid’ Burnley artist talks sexuality at Towneley Hall

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A Burnley painter is exploring his “inner Eddie Izzard” in a public talk on gender and sexuality, at the historic Towneley Hall.

Christopher Fittock (55) will discuss an exhibition of his artwork which charts his own personal journey of coming out publicly as a cross-dresser.

His talk “The Izzard in Me” will also look at gender differences in countries across the world in the hall’s lecture theatre this Sunday.

The married father-of-two said: “I came out of the closet in 2010 and revealed myself to be a cross-dressing man, after 40 years of keeping that a secret, and I chose to express what that felt like through my paintings.

“I see myself today as ‘gender fluid’, a mix of both, and most of the time somewhere in the middle.

“The exhibition and talk are meant to stimulate though and discussion about the subject of gender and sexuality.

“This particular talk on Sunday will talk about the artworks, but will also widen the field and give some insight into history and gender differences around the world, where some societies fully accept a third, forth or even fifth gender.”

Admission is free at the talk which will start at 2pm on Sunday at the lecture theatre at Towneley Hall. The art exhibition will run until May 28th.