Gaza demo in centre of Brierfield

The protest about Gaza in Brierfield 3.
The protest about Gaza in Brierfield 3.
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Scores of people concerned about the treatment of civilians in Gaza have taken part in a demonstration in the heart of Brierfield.

It took place on Saturday and was organised by Pendle Palestine Twinning Group, who have established a twin town link between Pendle and Beit Leed.

Mr Richard MacSween, chairman of the twinning group, led the demonstration outside the town’s library, leading protestors in their calls for Palestinian independence.

There were plans to have a parade that day along the main road through Brierfield, but the group’s treasurer, Mr David Penney, said they had called it off because of new rules regarding marching on public roads.

The police were in location to ensure there was no trouble but the demonstration passed off peacefully.

Mr MacSween said: “This is the third demonstration in Pendle in the past month. Each one has attracted a large number of protesters, angry about the killings of innocent Palestinians but also about the failure of the UK Government to criticise the Israeli action.

“It’s time for politicians to stand up and be counted, as Baroness Warsi did last week. We are asking Pendle candidates in the forthcoming general election to say where they stand on the issue of Palestine. It is likely to make a significant difference to how people vote.”

Also at the event was Pendle South’s County Councillor Azhar Ali, Labour’s parliamentary candidate in the borough. He had already called for Prime Minister David Cameron to recall Parliament to debate the situation in Gaza. He had said: “For weeks we have seen hundreds of innocent men, women and children massacred in Gaza while the Coalition Government led by Mr Cameron have done nothing to apply pressure on the Israeli government to stop the killing.

“What’s happening in Gaza can only be described as a genocide and Cameron should be asking for the United Nations to look at taking the Israeli PM for war crimes.”