Former landmark Burnley church goes on the market

St Teresa's Church in Burnley has gone up for sale as part of a sweeping review in churches in Burnley and Padiham.
St Teresa's Church in Burnley has gone up for sale as part of a sweeping review in churches in Burnley and Padiham.
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A church, that has been at the gateway entrance to Burnley for almost 40 years, has gone on the market.

St Teresa's Church, which is just off Gannow Top roundabout at one of the main entrances into the town, is up for sale with Trevor Dawson.

The move is part of a review and sweeping changes for churches in Burnley and Padiham by the Bishop of Salford in the wake of decreasing congregation numbers and a drop in ordained priests.

A number of churches in Burnley and Padiham were earmarked for closure and the first casualty was St Philip's in Padiham.

Worshippers were left devastated earlier this year when the final mass was given at the church, which has been at the heart of the community for 60 years.

St Teresa's was built in 1980 as a chapel-of-ease to St Mary Magdalene’s parish after the old St Mary Magdalene church had to be demolished for the construction of the M65.

With the compensation money from the former Highways Authority two new churches were built, a new St Mary Magdalene’s to the north of the motorway, and St Teresa’s, to the south.

St Teresa's was built primarily for worshippers who struggled to get to the new St Mary Magdalene's Church.

It cost £300,000 to build and most of the furnishings from the demolished church went to the new St Mary Magdalene’s, but the brass altar rails were given to St Teresa’s. The font came from St John’s Anglican church which was also knocked down to make way for the motorway.

From 1987 to 2005, it was served from St Mary Magdalene’s church, and since 2005 it has been served from Christ the King, Burnley, before it closed down several years ago.

A spokesman for the Diocese said: "We are taking some expressions of interest regarding St Teresa’s. This is to consider if there are any local options.

"No decisions on its future have been made and no action has yet been taken for either of the churches in Padiham or Burnley.

Consultations are still underway regarding the proposed closure of either St Augustine’s or St Mary Magdalene’s, Burnley, which will allow the clergy and parishioners to consider the best way forward to continue to serve the needs of the community

When a decision is made about whether or not St Augustine’s or St Mary Magdalene’s will be closed down a new parish will be formed consisting of just two churches.

Worshippers have been asked for their suggestions for a name for the new parish.