Former Burnley councillor Maureen dies (75)

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A FORMER Burnley councillor who “never stopped caring for others” has died.

Mrs Maureen Stowe was a familiar and popular figure in and around Brunshaw, sitting on Burnley Council for three years and also working at the Lyndhurst Road charity shop. She died aged 75.

Her husband, Russell, said she was a caring person who only wanted to help others.

“She never stopped caring for others,” said Mr Stowe, of Athletic Street. “People were always ringing her up and asking for her help but she never minded. She just loved being there for people.”

Mrs Stowe was born and bred in Burnley and lived the majority of her life in the town.

She had numerous jobs including for eight years cleaning at the old Burnley bus station.

Her true vocation was always caring though and after leaving her job at the bus station she spent seven years working as a carer at Abbeyfield House, Burnley.

In 2003, she decided the best way to help the people of Brunshaw was to become a councillor and proceeded to win a seat on the council standing for the British National Party. A year later she quit the far-right party to become an Independent before ill-health forced her to step down in 2006.

“She really loved her time on the council,” said Mr Stowe, who was married to Maureen for 12 years. “It meant she was able to help more people which is all she wanted to do.”

Even in ill-health Mrs Stowe was still busy within the community, running the Lyndhurst Road charity shop until four years ago.

“People who wanted something sorting would go to Maureen, even when she wasn’t on the council,” said Mr Stowe. “She will be sorely missed by a lot of people.”

He added: “She had a few hobbies. She loved going to bingo and she also loved it when we went for drives around the county.”

Her funeral takes place at Burnley Crematorium on Tuesday.